Solo travel purchase I can’t live without

Having only started travelling solo at the end of 2018, I’m still pretty new to the game. As I started travelling more, I started to buy items that would help make my adventures more convenient and to help me maximise space in my suitcase. So, I’ve decided to share my favourite travel purchases that I bought from Amazon that I continue to use today.

*Disclaimer, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you decide to purchase through the affiliate links. All links provided are items I have personally purchased, love and use on a constant basis.*

Waterproof Carry bag

How do you keep your stuff safe when on a beach alone? Do you resort to burrying it in the sand? Disgusing it in an old sun-lotion bottle? While I think these ideas are creative, I wanted a low fuss way to know where my belongings were at all times.

I discovered this little travel purchase – a waterproof pouch bag, that allows you to keep your belongings on you in a super secure way. The bag is large enough to carry your phone, keys and any cards you might need. It also comes with a transparent, waterproof phone case (in case you want to take selfies!). For £9.95, it’s a no-brainer.

USB Wall Charger

Sometimes it’s the simple items that can make all the difference in convenient travel. I purchased the PowerAdd Three-Port USB wall charger because hostels can only offer you so many wall sockets at one time, and you only have so many adapters. And we don’t have to mention how annoying it is to be swapping between tangled wires and cables to charge your electricals!

A USB charger allows me to charge my iPhone, camera, and battery pack in one whilst I sleep soundly. It also means I only ever have to pack one or two adapters, and I can forget the bringing the main adapter to my camera, which is bulky and holds unecessary room in my luggage. Purchase for £9.99 from Amazon.

Sony A6000

With all the travel I was doing, I decided I wanted to purhcase a camera to capture everything in a quality my Iphone couldn’t. After lots of research, and a bit of saving, I caved and bought the Sony A6000 due to it’s travel-aproproate size but incredible quality, for both video and photography. It’s my biggest travel purchase, but I love being able to light my Instagram up with some incredible shots, like the one below! Of course, it’s definitely a splurge at £459.99.

Portable Power Bank

A powerful, high capacity power bank was my first travel purchase when I first started travelling and like most people now, I carry it wherever I go. This is now my second power bank I’ve purchased, and whilst it’s not the most beautiful (R.I.P my rose gold one from 2018), it’s certainly much more light-weight than my previous one. Purchase from Amazon for £20.95.

Compression Packing Cubes

I never understood the fuss over packing cubes until I decided to get my own, and now I don’t know how I travelled without them. There’s so many ways you can use them, whether you want to separate your tops from your bottoms, or plan each pack by outfits, it’s a really organised way to make ‘picking out an outfit’ quick. My favourite travel purchase of the game.

Recently, I moved abroad to teach English and managed to fit all my belongings in two suitcases (a carry-on and a large suitcase!). I couldn’t have done it without compression packing cubes, which truly maximised the room in my suitcase. When I touched down in Taiwan, I was able to just grab the packing cubes and throw them into my accomodation rather than having to go through everything. I swear by the Gonex Compression Cubes below, which comes with various shapes and sizes for £19.99.

Microfibre Towel

Microfibre towels are an absolute essential to have in your suitcase. I will never travel with a standard bathroom towel ever again. The amount of room these save is impeccable, as they’re thin and super absorbent. Don’t let that fool you though, they dry in record time and fold down into a little carry case making it easily transportable. I personally have a purple towel from The little Bodhi, and when I’m not using it for bathing, I’m using it to give my hostel bed some privacy when I travel. Another necessary travel purchase for £6.99 – 12.99.

Lugage lock TSA Approved

I usually use any old padlock that I have to hand, but decided to purchase some with a flexible loop so that I can use it across all of my bags, suitcases, and even places like luggage facilities and gyms. It’s annoying to find your bulky metal lock not fit on your gym locker! Additionally, these locks are TSA approved meaning airport security can open the locks without damaging it or your belongings. £6.98 from Amazon

Travel Money Belt

Don’t look away – this might not be the prettiest thing you’ve laid eyes on, but it’s an essential. A Travel Money belt is a super easy way to keep your important belongings on you in a hidden, discrete way. Typically, you wear it under your clothes. Depending on where I am, I might put my passport, some extra money and maybe even a copy of my health insurance. Things I really don’t want being stolen!

Pro tip: I even bring it on nights out with some extra money, so that if my bag were to get lost or stolen, or I accidentally spend all my money, I always have a way to get back home. Came in really handy on my first solo trip to Ireland! Purchase for 4.99 from Amazon

As I said, these are all items I continue to use and love, but I’m always wanting to discover new ones. I’m especially looking for a nice backpack, so if you have any recommendations, please leave them below!



  1. February 16, 2021 / 3:32 pm

    Does Sony A600 is good for making vlogs.

  2. September 21, 2020 / 1:04 am

    I can vouch for the compression cubes and envelopes! A total game changer. I love your idea for how to use travel belts to their fullest potential too – brilliant.

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