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Solo campers at Vegan Campout 2018

Vegan Campout 2020 was meant to happen last week, but unfortunately, the world had other plans! If you don’t know about Vegan Campout, it’s one of the UK’s biggest vegan festivals that combines food, activism, music and general good times. It sounds more hippie than it actually is, especially if you’re like me and you’re in it for the good times, vegan food and getting a little bit drunk.

Despite 2020 being cancelled for most, the organisers have created a smaller event called Back to Basics, that includes government guidelines in response to the covid pandemic. I’m gutted that I moved to the other side of the world because for obvious reasons, I’m unable to go this year. However, I figured for those wanting to go, or planning to go, I’d share my experience of the times I went solo camping, and my tips and tricks on what to pack.

Solo camping Vegan Campout

My first time going to Vegan Campout was in 2018, and I decided to go completely solo, with a bunch of other young solo campers whom I met on the Facebook groups. I went to the extent to even have a complete stranger pick me up from my home – edgy move. But it worked out amazingly. If you can trust anyone, trust a vegan. *insert wink here*

I had the greatest time, I met so many amazing people, who are still friends to this day, and ate so much vegan food. I decided to go again the year after with the same people I had met (and a few new additions!). If you want to watch my experience both years I went to vegan campout, I vlogged both years and you can find them on my YouTube Channel.

What to pack for Vegan Campout 2020

Packing for camping in unpredictable British weather is annoying. Thankfully most years, it’s always been pretty sunny and warm. Apart from that one night I had way too much to drink, the tent broke, and I was sleeping in what felt like hypothermic temperatures.

Camping packing list 2020:


  • Sleeping bag + extra blankets
  • A travel pillow.
  • Towel and swimwear for the communal showers.
  • A thick yoga matt (doubles for sleeping on, if you’re not fussy)
  • A tent (I’ve always shared my friends)
  • Portable battery pack, an absoloute essential.
  • Sleeping mask and ears buds, because it is very loud at night!


  • One pair of jeans for bad weather.
  • One pair of shorts changeable for day and night
  • Thick joggers for all around leisurely wear.
  • Cargo trousers
  • One thick jumper for sleeping and cold/rainy days. (You will get cold).
  • Crop tops to show the vegan bod.
  • Pair of trainers and boots (wellies were just a bit much to carry around).
  • Sports wear in case I was feeling healthy vegan vibes. Didn’t happen on both occasions.
  • A thick winter pyjama top (can layer under my other jumper, in case very cold)
  • Bum bag, keep your valuables close to hand.


  • Alcohol, if you drink.
  • Snacks definitely advised if you’re looking to keep costs down, it’s not necessarily the easiest to eat healthy at the camp. I advise fruit. It’s nice to have breakfast easy to hand if you’re wanting to avoid qeues.

Or, watch the video and Take a look at what I packed for Campout in 2020

Before you go

I’d love for you to let me know if you’re going to Vegan Campout this year, and to keep me in tabs with how it went, if you decide to go! I’m gutted not to be there this year as I’m travelling and teaching in Taiwan. That’s a whole other adventure in itself. So if you’re interested in hearing more from me and my vegan life in Taipei, you can hit the subscribe button to be notified for more.

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