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A huge factor that influenced my decision to move to Taiwan was hearing it was one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world. Taiwan’s large Buddhist population means many Taiwanese eat a vegetarian diet, but what does that mean exactly? Does this make it easy being vegan in Taiwan? Is it easy to find vegan products in Taipei?

Is it easy being vegan in Taiwan?

To pre-context, I moved from the UK where veganism still continues to blow up. The availability of vegan products, especially in junk food form, made being vegan ridiculously easy. Even after I have left, the UK continues to develop new vegan products, I’m currently emotionally struggling over the fact Jammie Dodgers are now vegan. What a horrible time to be living in Taiwan! 

However, in Taiwan, there simply isn’t as much choice. I’m yet to see a single vegan yoghurt, cheese, or ice-cream in a general supermarket. Instead, you’ll have to go to a speciality store for this. This makes finding vegan products in Taipei a little difficult, but it is do-able. I’ve listed a few down below. Instead, you can pick up soy milk, and some basic vegetarian mock meats in large supermarkets, but you’re limited outside of this. I should also say that most loaves of bread here are not vegan (they love some Milk bread!). So you’re going to have to get creative if you’re looking to make culinary delights you remember from back home!

So, to help you out, I’ve compiled all the need-to-know information to create a guide on where to buy vegan products in Taipei, including mock meat products and dairy free products. I’ve included handles to their Instagram accounts and Google Maps so you can save for later. Or, you can go directly below to save the entire compiled map of all my favourite vegan stores and resturaunts to save for when you visit.

Where to buy vegan products

Mock meat products

Omnipork and the Beyond Burger are popular, mock meat products here that you will spot in the freezer section of some 7-Elevens, Family Marts’ and Carrefour. Omnipork is definitely the cheaper option. I can’t say I’ve bought it personally because I tend to eat out more often now, and when I do cook, it’s nothing fancy!

In City Super in SOGO, you’ll also find a few other products, including sausages, burgers and chicken nuggets. Although be warned, they’re pretty expensive at 250NT (£6) for a box. Definitely a payday treat.

As I said previously, you can also find some vegetarian mock meat products in some supermarkets, such as Carrefour and Wellcome. I have tried them but I couldn’t really gel with the texture or flavour. But experiment around, and see what you like.

I have recently discovered a guy in the night market close to me in New Taipei city selling mock meat vegan products in a stand-alone freezer. I’m currently enjoying a rip off version of the ‘Beyond Burger’, ironically named the ‘be-yummy burger’ for a fraction of the price at 120 NT ( £3 for two patties). I have only ever discovered this in my night market near me in Xizhi, so keep an eye out, but I’m sure these kinds of vegan products can be found in Taipei.

Diary free products

Vegan dairy products are pretty hard to come by in regular stores. I’m yet to see margarine here, vegan cheese, vegan yoghurt or ice cream in a general supermarket. But, If you’re looking for outside of that, you’re going to have to go to a speciality store. I’ve noted some below for you, including their instagram handles so you can go ahead and follow them.

You can get Violife vegan cheese at a premium at Ooh Cha Cha and Baganhood (both vegan restaurants). Of course, it comes at a premium of around 250NT, or around £6, per block.

Whilst I haven’t tried them yet, Moon Lab also makes and sells their own vegan cheese and coconut yoghurt. You can purchase them at the following stores:

I also discovered that you can purchase Oatly Oat Milk at Hip Pun, of course, at an imported premium. You can also select it in your coffee/tea at CafeIn. Soy milk is readily available in all stores (7-Elevens, Family Mart, Carrefour, Wellcome, PX Mart).

Looking for vegan icecream? Look no further. The best non-dairy vegan product in Taipei I have found is in Nice Cream, which is an entirely vegan ice cream shop in Dunhua. They have various ice cream products made from soy and almond milk, including bubble waffles. You can also purhcase tubs to take away or have them delivered. It’s my favourite place to go. Additionally, Soypresso sell soy milk icecream at a few of their stores during the summer. And you can also find a soy milk icecream machine at Yihotang in the Da’an store.

Finding bread, without milk and without a load of added sugar, was a real challenge starting out. I now purchase all my baked delights at Hip Pun and Yihotang. Both are entirely vegan bakeries where you can purchase all sorts of sweet and savoury goodies, including pinapple cake!

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Vegan restaurants and eating out

Now, I won’t go on about restaurants because I feel there are so many amazing guides out there reviewing vegan restaurants within Taipei. Instead, I’ll share my two biggest resources down below.

As with any travelling as a vegan, joining Vegetarian and Vegan Facebook pages is the best way to get new information on being vegan within that area. You can join the Taipei Vegan Facebook page here.

Additionally, I have created a Google Maps resource with many popular vegan restaurants in Taipei. This compiles suggestions from Facebook, Happy Cow and Instagram, and it’s what I personally use when out and about.  You can click the button below to access the map and save it for later.

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Do consider following and subscribing to my blog, Youtube and Instagram. I would love to keep this post up-to-date and as relevant as possible to help others who are considering visiting Taipei, or who are struggling to be vegan in Taiwan. If you have any suggestions or have spotted other products not listed here, please do comment below. Let’s help create a useful resource <3


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    Good luck! Taipei is a wonderful city and the Chinese do veganism a bit differently from the West – generally involving lots of good home cooking 🙂

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